Monday, March 26, 2007

A Swimmer Against the Flare

A flare in the darkness
Will be brought about by clapping.
No, there is no celebration:
The flare is horrifying.

It can be avoided by averting
The eyes or wearing goggles
At night. It can be ignored,
Although it is very warm,

And one can shut oneself into
A crypt to try to seal out the light,
Much like early pharaohs.
The wind blows, but it does not

Carry anything with it;
The earth molts every motion
That’s carved by the swimmer’s hand.
The backstroke is very sensuous,

But the front crawl is best
For keeping the flare at bay.
I practice it all day deeper
And deeper into unprotected waters.

I do not clap but it doesn’t matter.
The darkness digs in its boots,
The flare is only doing what’s what.
I shiver and keep my eyes closed.

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