Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pastoral Lyric

Come live with me and be me,
The me I most desire in a fine
Drape of loosest silk snipped
From an old missile parachute,

And we will be shepherds tending
A network of computers
With mournful screens of white
Watching the early evening rain

And the empty gray sky
With a chorus of toads on the scum
To keep us nibbling each other’s
Ears and drinking each other’s breath

Like a fine nighttime port spilling
In the air. And I will make you
A bed of snails and they will carry
You off into the sunrise,

And I will knit for you a vest
Of wasps to ward off any advances,
And with my special silver needles
A satchel of shadows to stash

Your dreams. O you will be me
And I will be I, and Spring will ring
And invite us all to sun and shade
And marmalade on the dock of heaven.

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