Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Modern Western Manatee

A manatee awakens at tee time,
Whether in its natural suburban
Underwater environment or out
In the depths of a vacation.

It will defend against attack,
But is also known to attack its young
While collecting food or in
A traffic jam, which is designed

To safely catch a mature manatee
For study under bright lights.
The Kantian variety is quite tame
And will allow its bank account stroked;

The Goldwater is not and will react
With obfuscating rhetoric and spittle.
The species hauls around its weight in smoke
And is thought to have evolved

Its wavering time signature through
Statements such as “I can do anything”
Or “I won’t stop sobbing.”
In the evenings it nests in foam.

Its lifespan is dependant upon its success
At procuring ideas. It attempts to mate for life
But the availability of fermented saviors
Usually limits the activity to once a month.

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