Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Seekers

We were running a ribbon.
It was not like the others

But then again they never are.
There it was against the landscape

Making a big scene,
And we were running it like children.

Of course, it took science years
To discover its shape,

And during the typical lifespan
One can never encounter a ribbon,

So the question of everyone’s mind
Was: how the hell did we place it?

We didn’t! It found us during lemonade,
And we immediately sprinted.

Oh, to feel it against the palm – I’m only
Imagining here because I never touched it.

With pride the other extras were looking
On, and off we went again,

This time through the headstones,
Running and running and running

That magnificent ribbon which nobody
Saw but those who were running it.

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